6100 workers take benefit from nine midday break campaigns

DUBAI: Over 6,100 workers have benefited from awareness campaigns initiated by the Ministry of Labour since the start of the application of the midday break rule, which bans the carrying out of any sort of work under mid-day direct sunlight from June until mid-September.

The ministry has carried out 9 awareness campaigns at different work sites in various emirates, in collaboration with several government and private entities to raise awareness.

Nadia Al Muhairi, Director of the Guidance Department at the Ministry of Labour, said that the Ministry will continue to implement campaigns to contribute to enhancing awareness of the importance of employers taking all necessary measures to protect workers from the heat and prevent them from injury or stress, and focus on informing workers of hazards and injuries that could occur while working under the mid-day sun. The campaigns should also enlighten them about necessary first aid precautions to reduce the number of casualties.

The Ministry launched the first awareness campaigns using mobile care units at a worksite in Abu Dhabi in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Community Police, which targeted around 1,600 labourers.

Four work sites in the Emirate of Dubai were visited by the MoL in collaboration with the Health Authority and representatives from Aster Hospital, which targeted more than 1,500 workers who learned the basic steps of using first aid kits and took advantage of free medical examinations to check blood sugar level.

Labour officers also visited four work sites in the Emirate of Sharjah in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Civil Defence, Sharjah Police and the Emirates Red Crescent, where 3,000 workers took advantage of the services provided.