66 Houthi rebels killed and wounded in battles with pro-government forces

SANA, Yemen, 25th October 2015 (WAM) — At least 32 militiamen from the Houthi rebel group and forces loyal to ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh were killed, 34 others wounded and 5 others captured in battles with the Yemeni pro-government national army and popular resistance forces in Taiz City.
A source from the popular resistance forces noted that of those, 21 militiamen were killed and 31 injured in offensives in the west side of Taiz, while 7 others were killed in the east side.
In the same context, the Humanitarian Relief Coalition in Taiz announced that more than 1562 people, including children, were killed by the rebel Houthi and pro-Saleh militias between 21 March-5 October, and more than 15641 people wounded in the same period.
Some 3276 houses and public and private properties were completely destroyed and 70% of the residents of Taiz were displaced due to lack of drinkable water while 1.5 million people are still in the city suffering from the same problem, according to a report by the Coalition.
Ninety-five percent of hospitals and medical centres were shut down because of the bombing.
The report noted that total collapse of the humanitarian situation in the city would be prevented by providing food packages for 300,000 households, sheltering the displaced people outside the city, and providing hospitals with medicines, oil derivatives and ambulances along with protection of medical teams.
Ten field hospitals are urgently needed for quick rescue operations while 27,000 tonnes of garbage a month have to be removed from the city.