A Partial Opening of Completion of Al Falah Interchange Works Project

Abu Dhabi, 28th February, 2015 (WAM) – Implementing its strategy to promote traffic safety and raise the road network efficiency in line with the economic growth in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi announced, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada), a partial opening of the project to complete Al Falah Interchange. The work in the project has begun in May 2013.

In this regard, Eng. Faisal Al-Suwaidi, the General Director of Main Roads at the Department of Transport, pointed out that the project “aims to improve the traffic smoothness for road users coming from Al Shawamekh to Abu Dhabi through an interchange without having to turn around Al Falah area. Additionally, the project improves the traffic flow from Abu Dhabi to Al Falah through an interchange without having to turn around Al Shamkha area.” He also added that the project would enhance traffic flow in the surrounding roads in addition to providing a direct route for those coming from Suwaihan area to Al Shamkha without having to turn around Al Falah roundabout. This will provide a direct route for traffic movement from Al Falah towards Suwaihan without having to turn around Al Shamkha area. the importance of this project is to address the pace of the urban growth as part of the strategic role of Department of transport.

On the other hand, Eng. Omar Matar Al Mansouri, Roads Acting Director at Musanada, said: “The project will be handed over in phases basis. currently, the traffic movement for the road users coming to Al Falah area from Al Shamkha and vice versa has been opened. In addition to the road from Suwaihan area to Al Shamkha.” Al Mansouri added that entire project will be finished and its remaining phases will be opened to public use by the end of March of this year.

Accordingly, the Department of Transport along with Musanada call upon all road users to be cautious while driving in the roads of the emirate, especially those under construction, in order to maintain traffic safety.