Abu Dhabi City Municipality cracks down on hawkers at ICAD, Mafraq

ABU DHABI: The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has recently run a joint campaign in coordination with Bani Yas Police Station, the Department of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center, and the Emirates Red Crescent, aimed at containing street hawkers and peddlers practicing trading activities at ICAD (ZoneCorp) at Al Mafraq Industrial Area.

The campaign reflects the ongoing efforts of the Municipal System of Abu Dhabi Emirate, which aimed at protecting the civilised appearance of cities, removing all elements distorting the public appearance as well as the keenness on maintaining the welfare and integrity of community members through providing the highest environmental and health standards as regards trading in commodities and protecting consumers from the hazards of products marketed by peddlers and makeshift markets.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality confirmed that the campaign, which has been organised in collaboration with strategic partners, was launched in response to the rampant practice of hawkers roaming the ICAD at Al Mafraq Industrial Area which resulted in the piling up of leftovers, plastic and paper waste as well as other elements distorting the general appearance of the city.

Outlawed practices included a host of trading activities such as the selling of vegetables and fruits, tailoring, hair cutting, in addition to the selling of readymade clothes, domestic items and electronics.

Al Wathba Municipal Centre, in coordination with the bodies concerned with peddlers, held a coordinative and consultative meeting to fix a day for the crack down.

Accordingly, the parties responded to the call of Al Wathba Municipal Centre and acknowledged that the area is in need of crack downs in the public interest.

During the campaign, the joint work teams confiscated the goods. As for defective items, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre’s team destroyed them and cleared the harmful leftovers and equipment of peddlers and workers.

The Abu Dhabi Police team provided security cover at the entrances and exits of the area, rounded up peddlers and protected the teams taking part in the campaign. Meanwhile, the team from the Department of Economic Development issued offences to hawkers who have no permits for practicing trading activities, and the team of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority inspected vegetables and fruit, sorted out good consumables or usable items, and Al Wathba Municipal Center oversaw and coordinated the activities of these parties and streamlined their respective duties.

The campaign, which was hugely successful and trouble-free, resulted in confiscation of several tons of various items, and organisers and strategic partners intend to run such campaigns all over Abu Dhabi city and suburban areas on a periodic basis to eradicate this practice.