Abu Dhabi City Municipality urges community to maintain city’s urbanised outlook

ABU DHABI, 9th February, 2015 (WAM) — The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has urged all community members to contribute to maintaining the civilized appearance of Abu Dhabi city by removing any disfiguring aspects undermining the general image of the city.

The civic body is currently monitoring satellite dishes installed within the precincts of Abu Dhabi City in Zafarana, Bateen, Shahama, Musaffah, and Wathba areas.

The appearance of massive numbers of random satellite dishes is quite rampant, to the extent of compromising the overall appearance and causing a cluttering visual pollution, which warrants their removal from rooftops and balconies as they have a negative impact on the profile of the city, as well as jeopardising the safety of the community.

Such violation results from non-compliance with the requirements of installing only 1 to 4 satellite dishes on rooftops via the central antenna system, which can meet the needs of inhabitants, instead of allowing each household to install their own satellite dish, which causes the disorderly spread of satellite dishes, the civic body said in a statement.

Ahmed Fadil Al Mazroui, Director of External Centres, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said, “The Municipality renews its call for landlords and tenants of various types of residential buildings in Abu Dhabi City to remove satellite dishes installed on rooftops that mar the beauty of the city as they are casually installed by tenants. The Municipality is trying to figure out a solution to this phenomenon caused by the proliferation of satellite dishes installed on rooftops and building frontages, of which many are not in active use as some tenants leave residential premises but abandon their satellite dishes, and new tenants move in and install extra dishes.

“In the context of its strategy to maintain public appearance and boost the urbanised outlook of Abu Dhabi City, the Municipality is moving ahead with its inspection campaign launched in September 2014 and will follow it up to ensure full compliance to rid the city of redundant dishes that blemish rooftops and facades by using the central satellite system.

“This move is intended to add to the aesthetic dimension of our city in the context of the Municipality’s endeavours to upgrade the city’s appearance and reduce visual pollution by using just 1 – 4 central satellite dishes in each building. This enables occupants to dispense with dozens of satellite dishes randomly installed on rooftops, suffices their need of the TV service and disposes of the large number of unused satellite dishes on rooftops.

The Municipality, in collaboration with strategic partners, seeks to enhance the general outlook of the city as it is one of the key priorities of Abu Dhabi Government set in the Strategic Plan 2030. Among the key elements of the improvement plan is improving the appearance of building facades within the Municipality’s realm of authority.

“Accordingly, installing poorly maintained dishes, and extending cables and connections across walls in a disorderly manner is a practice that has to be eliminated and it will be a target in respect of which we have to make concerted efforts to achieve. Among the negatives resulting from this phenomenon is the disruption of carrying out periodic maintenance and accessing rooftops to deliver relief equipment in case of emergency situations as it will be difficult to find a place for placing rescue equipment due to the massive numbers of dishes and cables,” continued Al Mazroui.

The Municipality also calls upon companies and outlets operating in the field of installation and maintenance of satellite dishes to observe the world’s best practices and adhere to public safety standards. It has urged all to cooperate and communicate through its toll-free number: 8002220800555 to respond to all public inquiries in this regard.