Abu Dhabi Police urges motorists to renew expired car registrations

The Abu Dhabi Police have called upon the public to renew their expired car registrations, to ensure their own safety by driving vehicles that are technically approved and safe, and avoid violating the law.

The Security Media Management Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of His Highness the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, has launched a five-week radio campaign providing safety and security tips and messages to the public.

In an audio message, which will be broadcast on Thursday on a number of radio stations, Colonel Suhail Al Khaili, Chief of the Vehicles Licensing Section at Abu Dhabi Police, urges drivers to visit technical inspection centres and customer service departments to ensure the safety of their vehicles and carry out registration renewal procedures.

Colonel Suhail Al Khaili also called upon drivers to conduct periodical inspections of their vehicle’s tyres, especially during the summer, to assure their own safety, the safety of others, and avoid accidents.