Abu Dhabi to host Future Security of the GCC 2014 forum

ABU DHABI: The Future Security of the GCC 2014 forum will take place on Wednesday at The Ritz Carlton – Abu Dhabi.

Distinguished analysts and academics will participate in the first annual forum to discuss critical topics concerning the evolving threat of extremism and how to counter it; analyzing visions and strategies for the region.

Organized by TRENDS Research & Advisory, the forum aims to set a platform of effective insights and exchange on countering radicalism in the Middle East. It is an opportunity for regional governments to be exposed to the decision-making process of the U.S. administration and a means of effectively targeting the existing threat of terrorism and preventative measures for the future of the region.

The forum seeks to enforce the concepts of welfare, secure societies and peace as it will discuss the international alliance against terrorism in the region and the strategies set towards stopping extremism. It distinguishes itself by hosting an international array of scholars and analysts, including those who have held high ranking positions within the US administration.

TRENDS Research & Advisory seeks a long term solution for security and the establishment of peace in the GCC and the Middle East; eliminating extremism and radicalism which threatens the Arab world and its prosperity and competitiveness. One of the objectives of the forum is in the improvement of policies, the dissemination of knowledge, and the enhancement of research and scholarly study.

TRENDS works with a network of international scholars who forecast critical regional issues and provide consultancy and studies vital for public and private entities.