ADP Traffic and Patrols Directorate warns against risks of motorbike accidents

ABU DHABI, 11th February, 2015 (WAM) — The Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate has warned against the dangers of motorbike accidents pledging to further increase traffic awareness and control to ensure safety precautions and smooth traffic flow on roads.

Brigadier Khamis Ishaq, Deputy Director of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, indicated that motorbike accidents have resulted in five deaths and ten serious injuries in 81 traffic accidents that occurred in the emirate of Abu Dhabi last year. He revealed that 62% of those who cause accidents are young people, and that the majority of these accidents varied from run-over incidents, collision, and overturning.

He urged motorcyclists to abide by traffic laws observe the legal speed limits observe safety procedures to avoid injuries from accidents wear a protective helmet and protective fireproof clothing to avoid serious injuries to ensure their safety by checking the motorcycle’s front and rear lights, as well as the tires and to install labels that reflect light.

He said, “By enforcing strict measures and intensifying control, the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate do not seek to prevent young motorcycle fanciers from practicing their hobby. These procedures are designed to ensure their safety and to encourage them to ride in safe areas where bikes are permitted.”