Al Qasba enthralls visitors with spectacular shows

SHARJAH, 9th February, 2015 (WAM) — Al Qasba internal and external facades are hosting a number of shows as part of the Sharjah Light Festival 2015. Al Qasba, a unique waterfront destination in the heart of the city of Sharjah, attracts hundreds of visitors every day.

‘A Time Travel at the Speed of Light’, a 20-minute show on the Al Qasba external facade, presents the spectacular development of Sharjah as the Arab Tourism Capital. In the show, the sun rises on an enormous stretch of desert sand and breathtaking landscapes – the name Sharjah means ‘the rising sun’. A caravan appears on the horizon followed by wind blowing across the desert. The theme of Sharjah Arab Tourism capital appears throughout the show, which takes the viewers on a remarkable journey of picturesque scenes and dramatic sounds.

‘Circus of Light’, a 10-minute show at Al Qasba internal facade, highlights a nomadic lifestyle and art in motion. The show, involving live circus performances, creates magic with 3D and 2D animations while the synchronised soundtrack adds to the festive atmosphere. Circus of Light is a truly family entertainment experience with plenty of surprises, a work that clearly celebrates light.

Another show in the internal facade, ‘Come to Play with Me’, involves hand-drawn cartoon visuals of brightly coloured characters. In the show, children from the Arab world, dressed in their traditional clothes, are seen playing in an imaginary land of large plants and flowers accompanied by a whole cast of birds, animals and insects dancing with them. The show concludes with a scene in which the falcon and the lizard, two of the characters in the show, invite the children in the audience to play with them.

Al Qasba includes several leisure facilities, the most important of which is the Eye of the Emirates, a giant Ferris wheel. The location also features a range of trendy restaurants and cafes that offer flavours from all over the world. Al Qasba hosts a range of fun events throughout the year combining cultural and entertainment activities that highlight the Arab and Islamic heritage.