Alcohol smuggling attempt of 22,974 bottles foiled by Al Ghuwaifat Customs Centre

ABU DHABI: The General Administration of Customs Abu Dhabi has revealed that it foiled an attempt to smuggle total of 22,974 bottles of alcohol at Al Ghuwaifat Customs Centre, following leads received from the Ministry of Interior.

A 45 year-old Arab truck driver was referred to inspection, after Ports and Airports Security Police staff became suspicious. The 22,974 bottles of alcohol, which had been professionally hidden amongst juice boxes, were found by the inspectors and subsequently seized. Following the inspection, the illegal alcohol bottles were confiscated and the driver was seized. Concerned authorities will take all necessary legal actions.

Commenting on the incident, Mohamed Khadem Al Hameli, Acting Director General of the General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs, praised the customs inspectors ongoing efforts to prevent illegal smuggling across the borders, and expressed his confidence in Abu Dhabi Customs, whilst highlighting their ability to handle the responsibilities entrusted to them. Al Hameli also stressed their important role in protecting their homeland from any potential risks and maintaining security.

Al Hameli also praised the role played by police officials and other security agencies operating in Al Ghuwaifat border port and stressed the importance of committing to a unified security system designed to maintain security, and safety in the homeland and protect citizens and residents from any threats.