Another barbaric act by IsraelAnother barbaric act by Israel

Sharjah: The brutal, fatal attack on Palestinian minister Ziad Abu Ein once again proves that Israel cares two hoots for international opinion, which consistently stresses on peace and restraint in the Middle East, a local UAE daily opined.

”Ziad Abu Ein was among a small group of people holding a peaceful protest against a Jewish settlement by planting olive trees in a village, when Israeli soldiers and border policemen fired tear gas and sound grenades.

A border policeman pushed Abu Ein and grabbed his neck with one hand,” wrote The Gulf Today in its today’s editorial.

”Footage of the incident and pictures taken by Reuters do not show Abu Ein responding with any violence. Minutes later the minister began to look faint and fell to the ground, clasping his chest,” the Sharjah-based newspaper said.

”Israeli health ministry’s argument that the death was caused by a “blockage of the coronary artery caused by stress,” just does not hold water.” ”Citing autopsy results, Palestinian Civil Affairs Minister Hussein Al Sheikh has made it clear that Abu Ein died after a powerful blow to the diaphragm and heavy use of tear gas. It is also clear that the Israeli forces had prevented Abu Ein from getting to a hospital quickly enough to save his life.” ”Israel cannot fool all the people all the time. The world is waking up to the truth that Palestinians are suffering for no fault of theirs. It is good that legislators in Europe are increasingly pushing for two states, disappointed with stalemate in peace efforts,” the paper commented ”French senators have voted 153-146 in favour of a non-binding resolution inviting the French government to recognise Palestine. The lower house of France’s Parliament had adopted a similar measure last week,” it added.

It is not just that, it noted, the Irish parliament too has decided to adopt a non-binding resolution supporting an independent Palestinian state. Some Irish lawmakers even exposed Israel by accusing it of genocide during the parliamentary debate.

”Lawmakers in Britain and Spain have already passed similar motions calling on their governments to follow Sweden, which on Oct.30 became the first western European Union member to recognise Palestinian statehood.” ”United Nations official Margot Ellis has put the issue in perfect perspective by stating that 2014 has been a devastating year for Palestinians, who continue to suffer under occupation and who continue to be robbed of their homes, their development and in many cases, their lives.” ”It is time the international community told Israel enough is enough. Its atrocities and brutality have crossed all limits,” The Gulf Today concluded.