Asia Western Pacific Region ILO Group Members Nominate UAE As Group’s Board Director

Abu Dhabi: Group Members of the Asian Western Pacific Region (AWP) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) has called upon nominating the United Arab Emirates as one of the group’s directing members during the upcoming elections which are scheduled to take place on June 2014.

Humaid bin Deemas Al Suwaidi , Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor for Labor Affairs, said that “The United Arab Emirates will stand to fill one of the group’s four directing seats at the ILO, which is filled after being nominated by members of the ILO Board of Directors which includes 56 seats dedicated to the organization’s participating government members.” “This reaffirms UAE’s prestigious position, led by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President, and the great presence that the UAE enjoys internationally relating to the remarkable achievements it has reached regarding labour stability, especially in terms of protecting workers’ rights while keeping the employer’s interests,” Bin Deemas said.

He explained that “AWP Group, which includes 55 board members, were keen on supporting the candidacy of the UAE in the upcoming elections, following the intensive meetings that were held on the sidelines of the 320th International Labour Organization (ILO) Board Members meeting which concluded last Thursday (March 27th) in Geneva. The Ministry of Labour joins as the UAE’s main representative after being elected as an AWP alternate group member since 2011.” Bin Deemas pointed out that under the guidance of Saqr Ghobash, Minister of Labour, the ministry has integrated diplomatic efforts in Geneva’s last meeting, which confirms to AWP group members, UAE’s ability to play a significant role as a director and contribute effectively with other members in upgrading the organization’s performance in order to serve interests of the three major parties of business and production.

He also stated that the Ministry of Labour, since it’s election as an alternate group member of by the board of the organization’s director in 2011, was always keen to actively participate in all sorts of ILO meetings and forms, which has effectively contributed to enhancing the status and reputation of the United Arab Emirates in this international forum by highlighting all the achievements and gains made within the labour market.” Bin Deemas stressed on the ministry’s continuous commitment to, and efforts of strengthening the UAE’s reputation and standing within international forums, which represents one of the main objectives of the ministry’s strategic plans within 2014-2016.

The ILO includes the participation of up to 189 countries from governmental representatives as well as employers and workers representatives.