Bahrainand#039s envoy in UAE decries Iranian interference in Kingdomand#039s internal affairs

ABU DHABI, 27th July, 2015 (WAM) — Mohamed bin Hamad Saqer Al Moawda, Bahrain’s Ambassador to the UAE, has strongly denounced the blatant Iranian interference in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s internal affairs.
The move follows the recent statements made by the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the latest being the statement made by Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei.
In a statement issued today, the Bahraini ambassador said, “These statements represent a flagrant interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain and violation of all international norms, laws and charters of the United Nations and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation,” adding that the intention clearly was to stir up sectarian strife in the Kingdom, ignite tension and unrest in the region.
He underscored that the Iranian intervention is not confined to making such statements, but also backs subversion, terrorism and incitement of violence, whether through the Iranian media, which covers the acts of violence and terrorism, or supply of arms and explosives, as well as training to carry out terrorist operations inside the Kingdom.
Bahrain’s envoy pointed out that the Kingdom is keen to have normal relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in accordance with the principles of good neighbourliness and non-interference in internal affairs and respect for sovereignty and independence. “The Kingdom is also keen to follow the diplomatic and legal means to defend its interests and enhance the security and safety of its people.”
Ambassador Al Moawda underlined that the Kingdom welcomed the recent nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the group “5 +1,” adding that it has expressed the hope that “this agreement will be an important real step to stop Iran from interfering in the internal affairs of countries in the region and its rejected policies to destabilise the security and stability of our countries.”
“But Iran has not changed its policy as it did not refrain from issuing statements and interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region. Those policies still carry serious security, peace, regional and international threats that require a firm response from all, as they have reached unprecedented levels in violation of laws governing dealings among nations,” he said.
The Bahrain envoy stressed that the current danger and the nature of the challenges require a unified and strong Arab stance regarding these interventions that could trigger serious sectarian war in the region. “Condemnation of these statements and all forms of Iranian interventions could isolate Iran, and reflect international community’s rejection of its interventions and ambitions in the region.”
He reiterated that rebuffing Iran’s policies would reflect Arab solidarity and confirm the common destiny of all the Arab countries.
The Bahrain’s ambassador said the Kingdom of Bahrain hopes the countries would take necessary steps to demonstrate their rejection of Iran’s repeated interventions in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain.