Breakthrough research shows kidney holds the key to managing Type 2 diabetes

DUBAI: A new treatment that centres on the kidney in managing Type 2 diabetes, and which has been approved in Europe and USA, has now been introduced in the UAE.

Dr. Abdulrazzaq Al Madani, President of the Emirates Diabetes Society, EDS, and Chairman of the Gulf Group for Study of Diabetes, said, “This should come as great news for Type 2 diabetics. With this discovery, medical science can be said to have achieved a breakthrough in the management of Type 2 diabetes with kidneys as the focal point. We are delighted to announce that the new treatment is now available in the UAE, which demonstrates that the UAE remains at the forefront of accessibility to advanced healthcare.” Currently approved in more than 41 countries globally, the new treatment was the first SGLT2 inhibitor to gain regulatory approval to treat Type 2 diabetes in Europe in November 2012. It was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of adults with Type 2 diabetes on 8 January 2014, supported by a robust clinical development programme consisting of 24 clinical studies evaluating safety and efficacy.

News of the innovative treatment comes at a time when nearly 18 million in addition to the 37 million people living with diabetes in the MENA region are said to be undiagnosed and therefore are at considerable risk of diabetic complications. The figures were published in the 6th edition of the IDF Diabetes Atlas published by International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

Referring to the IDF report, Dr. Al Madani added: “The report estimates the proportion of cases of undiagnosed diabetes based on population-based studies using either fasting blood glucose or oral glucose tolerance test, in a cross-sectional survey of people who were not earlier aware of their condition. The figure of undiagnosed cases of diabetes in the MENA Region is alarming and needs to be addressed at micro and macro levels.”