Capital Projects Plan to be developed for Al Ain and Al Gharbia

ABU DHABI, 21st November 2015 (WAM)–The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) is moving forward with an initiative to create a Capital Projects Plans (CPP) for the Al Gharbia and Al Ain regions in order to ensure that the objectives for the future of Abu Dhabi Emirate are met.
The move builds on the UPC’s strong track record of building comprehensive plans that progress Abu Dhabi’s desire to fully integrate data and hone Abu Dhabi’s journey towards Vision 2030.
As custodians of the 2030 Framework Plans, which govern the long-term urban development of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the UPC met with 43 government and developer entities on Wednesday to brief them on its latest initiative, which will take the same format as the CPP for the Abu Dhabi Metropolitan Area.
The UPC prepared the CPP for the Abu Dhabi Metropolitan Area to collect and spatially map all of the projects that require Government funding for the Abu Dhabi Capital region. Following the success of this initiative, which was completed earlier this year as part of the Plan Capital 2030 update, the UPC is now fulfilling Leadership’s direction to create CPPs for Al Ain and Al Gharbia to ensure a coherent picture of the whole Emirate is prepared in a new, integrated platform.
Representatives from Al Ain and Al Gharbia’s government entities were invited to attend the meeting to explain all of the requirements for the project and anticipated timings. The project is due to be completed in Q1 2016.
The capital projects data collected for each region will feed into the CPPs that are being prepared for the updated editions of Plan Al Ain 2030 and Plan Al Gharbia 2030, which are due for release soon.
Abdulla Al Sahi, Executive Director, Corporate Services Sector and Acting Executive Director, Planning and Infrastructure Sector, said, “The UPC is committed to ensuring that all projects in the regions of Al Ain and Al Gharbia are aligned with the objectives of Vision 2030.
“The formal integration of data regarding current and future projects will allow for enhanced decision making and the ability to better identify and prioritise key projects. This will ensure that the Abu Dhabi Emirate continues to move forward in meeting the needs of its communities with regards to community facility projects, while also remaining on track in terms of its commercial, industrial and infrastructure-based projects.”
As part of the initiative, the UPC will compile information into a database that will then be mapped using cutting-edge ‘Smart Geoplanner’ technology by the UPC’s award-winning Geographical Information System (GIS) department.
Mapping projects spatially in a GIS database is a sophisticated and efficient method of ensuring that all information is brought together in one location to support accurate decision-making. Wednesday’s meeting briefed stakeholders on the requirements for this objective to be achieved.
The UPC has been at the forefront of using technology to build Spatial Enterprise Solutions for a number of years, including the development and implementation of the Smart Geoplanner applications, the Strategic Urban Planning Dashboard, the Workflow Versioning Management System and the Performance Monitoring Application for planning decision-making.