Creative children with special needs express love for UAE at Sharjah Children Biennial

SHARJAH: Creative artworks by 11 children with special needs from the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) are on display at the fourth edition of the Sharjah Children Biennial, which continues its activities at the Sharjah Art Museum.

Themed “Questions”, with artworks dedicated to one-word questions, such as “where, how, when, who, what, and why?” the biennial will conclude on 9th February 2015.

Through their works, the children show their love for the nation and their pride in its achievements made throughout more than four decades, at a time when the UAE has been celebrating its 43rd National Day.

Created by 11 boys, girls, and young people with special needs from the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), the artworks were created during workshops conducted by the SCHS Artistic Creativity Group and supervised by Akram Al Awadi, Coordinator of Fine Arts. The works demonstrate the ability of children and your people with hearing and mental impairments to create artworks inspired by life in the UAE, spanning desert, mountain and sea.

The Sharjah Children Biennial, whose first edition was launched in 2008, aims to enrich children’s and young people’s creative talents and stimulate and unlock their potential in various art fields, includes drawing, sculpture, installations, photography and multimedia.