Daand#039esh cell uncovered in Kuwait

KUWAIT, 30th July, 2015 (WAM) — The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior today announced that in a ‘preemptive move’ security services in the country have uncovered a cell linked to the terrorist organisation, Da’esh.
The Kuwaiti News Agency, KUNA, has quoted a statement of the ministry, which says that the five detainees – all Kuwaiti nationals – confessed they have received courses on the terrorist organisation’s doctrine, in addition to aanced training on using arms and have participated in combat in Syria and Iraq.
The Ministry has vowed that it would spare no effort in clamping down firmly on any person who may try to undermine the homeland’s security, adding that preemptive measures will be in force against terrorist acts and terrorists will be brought to justice.
The detainees were referred to the general prosecution, according to KUNA.