DFM holds International Investor Road-show in London in April

DUBAI: The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) will organize its International Investor Road-show next month in London in collaboration with Goldman Sachs International. The event brings together senior representatives from 13 companies listed on DFM and NASDAQ Dubai, as part of DFM’s efforts to regularly offer listed companies the opportunity to showcase their growth and strategy.

DFM is seeing thriving activity since the beginning of this year as the daily average value has jumped 424% to AED 1.79 billion compared to AED 341.4 million during the same period of 2013. The DFM General Index is up 30% year to date continuing its outstanding performance of 2013 when it went up more than 107%, making DFM the second best performing exchange globally.

Essa Kazim, Chairman of DFM Company, will lead a high level delegation of 27 CEOs, CFOs and investor relations managers who will have the opportunity to update international institutional investors on the recent successes and prospects of their respective companies.

The event, running from 28th – 29th of April 2014, will include a session highlighting the economic outlook in the U.A.E. and Dubai in particular.

Mr. Kazim said, “The significant improvement in market performance supported by the sound economic fundamentals is continuing to stimulate investor demand particularly with the U.A.E. achieving emerging market status from MSCI as well as S’&’P Dow Jones. DFM provides investors with diversified investment opportunities through its listed companies. They represent a variety of sectors and thrive through high growth and a sustainable economic environment which has created a favourable climate for local, regional and international investments.”

“The DFM International Investor Road-show in London will provide an important platform connecting listed companies with international institutions especially with the growing recognition of Dubai’s equity market amongst international fund managers. At DFM, we are firmly committed to fortify the relationship between listed companies and investors and further enhance the openness of these companies towards international institutions in general and the ones that have yet to invest in our local markets in particular. Moreover, we actively collaborate with our listed companies to promote investor relations best practices as part of their readiness to deal with increased demand and diversified international investors. We deeply believe that the mounting presence of international investments and particularly institutional ones will further augment the position of our markets globally noting that foreign investors accounted for 42.8% of DFM trade value in 2013 with net in-flow of AED 1.7 billion. The total trade value jumped 229% to AED 159.9 billion in 2013,” he added.