DFWAC and HCT discuss launching a new academic program

DUBAI: The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, DFWAC, and the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai, HCT, have discussed launching a new academic programme to graduate qualified students in a number of disciplines needed by the foundation, especially in the care, rehabilitation and education areas, and enhance cooperation in various common areas between the two sides.

This came during a meeting that was held recently at DFWAC headquarters in Dubai, during which Afra Al Basti, Director-General of the Foundation, received Dr. Saoud Al Mulla, Director of the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai, and discussed mutual joint action between the two sides to serve the UAE community.

During the meeting, Al Basti praised the important role played by the HCT in supporting community efforts and those working in the social sphere, expressing her hope to build a strong partnership to achieve common interests, especially in training and skills development areas.

She said, “DFWAC has a previous successful experience with HCT through collaboration with students to contribute to the awareness campaigns, designing brochures and videos that are still being used and we are pleased to renew our cooperation with them more in the framework of the new strategic plan for DFWAC.” Al Basti explained that DFWAC’s doors are open to students of HCT for training and qualification of the labour market, and it can also cooperate with them in the awareness campaigns carried out by the foundation throughout the year, as well as cooperation in the field of private donations campaigns with the increasing number of cases received at DFWAC.

Dr. Al Mulla expressed his happiness at visiting DFWAC, stressing that the visit comes within the plan of HCT to reactivate the joint working channels with all parties in Dubai, and emphasising the college’s readiness for cooperation and providing assistance to all parties.

He added that the HCT is ready to establish a special department to serve the needs of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children for qualified human resources, and that this is linked to the presence of a constant demand from DFWAC for graduates of this specialty, as the work of the college is always linked to the needs of the labour market.

Dr. Al Mulla explained that HCT open their doors to the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children to take advantage of all the facilities available such as a theater, stadiums, etc., and it is willing to cooperate with the foundation in organising special events, workshops, for the clients and staff alike.

Dr. Al Mulla went on to say that the HCT will seriously look at offering a diploma programme in the field of social service in line with the growing number of specialists from national cadres in this field.

During the meeting, Dr. Al Mulla was introduced to the most prominent efforts and enterprise services in the care and protection of women and children at DFWAC, and its latest statistics on cases.

The meeting was attended by Maryam bin Theneya, Communications Director, Ghanima Al Bahri, Care and Rehabilitation Director, and Badriya Al Farsi, Programmes and Research Director, and a number of DFWAC officials.