DM crackdowns on random ads and posters

DUBAI: Dubai Municipality has removed 500kg of illegal paper advertisements and posters during a crackdown resulting in penalties on 226 violations after due notifications.

“It has been recently noticed that many illegal random advertisements and posters have been spreading on walls, doors, parking areas, and public squares, which negatively affect hygiene and distort the appearance of the city,” said Abdul Majeed Saifaie, Director of Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality.

“Such practices are in clear violation of Article 59 of Local Order No. 11 of 2003 and its regulations,” he added.

The campaign came as a result of large number of complaints from the public, and aimed to educate society about the negative impact of this phenomenon both in terms of distortion of the aesthetic appearance of the city and damage to public property and facilities, he explained.

The penalties stipulated in the Local Order will be applicable according to the address printed on ads or posters only after due notification to the concerned parties.