DM issues instructions regarding display and sale of snacks during Ramadan

DUBAI: In preparation for the Holy Month of Ramadan, Dubai Municipality has come up with a comprehensive plan along with stringent instructions to the owners of food establishments who plans to sell snacks outside shops during Ramadan.

The instructions issued by the food control department have been directed to all restaurants, cafeterias, sweet shops, bakeries and catering companies functioning in Dubai.

Khalid Sharif, Director of the Food Control Department, commented on the decision, saying, “This year we have assigned a team of experienced food inspectors to ensure food safety for all preparing to observe the Holy Month. All the food outlets that intend to display or sell food outside their premises should get prior approval from the department.

“Food establishments such as restaurants and cafeterias must co-operate with the department by adhering to the rules and regulations which are made to ensure safety and to avoid any possible risks to human health during the Holy Month.” He urged the public to be highly alert when purchasing food items from display areas, saying that people should not buy food from businesses that are not authorised to sell them.

Sultan Ali Tahir, Head of Food Inspection Section, explained further, “Foods can be displayed and sold from two hours before Iftar time. No food should be displayed or sold outside the premises after Iftar time. It is preferred that final cooking to be done a maximum of two hours before selling time.” He urged food establishments to maintain temperature and time records for foods that are displayed, and advised consumers not to store the food long after purchase, recommending consuming it as soon as possible.

The Food Control Department has published the instructions in Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam in order to ensure outreach to several sections of residents.