DM organises seminar on Food Safety in Ramadan

DUBAI: Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality recently organised a seminar entitled, “Your Food During Ramadan and Travel”.

The seminar was organised in the context of the Holy Month of Ramadan and the travelling season, with the aim of educating the public on safe food handling, eating and storing practices to avoid unfavourable incidents.

Shamsa Gharib Sulaiman Mohammed, Senior Enlightenment and Education Officer in the DM Food Control Department delivered a presentation on a range of food safety measures which may be taken into account during Ramadan.

Bahaa Elden Mostafa, Senior Food Standards and Systems Officer, spoke about the precautions and guidelines which can be followed for a safe journey, while maintaining the health and religious values of the U.A.E..

Basheer Hassan, Senior Food Safety Expert, shed light on the truth behind rumours about certain food products in the county and cleared up any doubts the audience may have had regarding safe food, and points to be remembered while purchasing food products.