Dr. Hanif speaks out against hate speech, incitement and intolerance

GENEVA: Dr. Hanif Hassan Ali Al Qassim, former U.A.E. Minister of Health and Chairman of The Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue, has stressed the importance of adopting legislation to criminalise hate speech, incitement and intolerance and called for a united national, regional and international effort to combat the dangers facing the region, and the world.

Dr. Al Qassim made the remarks as he addressed attendees at a UN forum against political and religious extremism and terrorism, at The Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue.

He also said that various parties from all levels of society should work together to fight against hate speech, its incitement and fundamentalist ideologies, saying that this can be done through reforming the education system, curricula and teacher training.

The Chairman said that today, terrorism poses one of the world s biggest challenges, and that the fight against terrorism is a responsibility many share. Dr. Al Qassim also called for joint action to monitor speeches given at religious sermons and information presented in the media, both of which he said should use their platforms to promote a culture of dialogue, tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

The forum aimed to discuss the latest developments of the issue and concerns affecting countries in the Middle East which are also posing a clear threat to peace and security nationally, regionally and internationally.

Forum attendees also discussed the importance of holding an international conference on the phenomenon of terrorism and extremism which is drastically gaining popularity.

The forum was attended by ambassadors from various countries and experts in the field.