Dubai Customs supports government’s measures to maintain stability of food market in Ramadan

DUBAI: Dubai Customs, DC has announced its support for measures taken by the government to ensure prices of food remain stable in the country during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

To that end, DC will facilitate the smooth and timely flow of food commodities to local markets, in quantities that meet the increased demand during the Holy Month.

Dubai Customs said in a media release that DC s facilitation for the food trade will reduce the time required for customs clearance, ensuring food consignments reach markets in the least possible time. “Customs centres in Dubai enhanced their operations to make sure importers timely receive food materials to meet market demands and thus avoid price hikes. Most food consignments are immediately cleared,” it added.

DC ensures the fast flow of food imports to meet the needs of consumers, particularly during the peak consumption season in Ramadan.

Dubai s foodstuff foreign trade has recorded a clear rise in the first quarter of 2014, as per the most recent figures released by Dubai Customs, amounting to AED21.5 billion compared to AED18.3 billion in Q1 2013 with a growth rate of 17%. Imports went up to AED14 billion, exports to AED3.4 billion and re-exports to AED4.2 billion.

This growth reflects the capacity of the local market to accommodate high volume of foodstuff and the increase in demand due to the economic and population growth.