Earth Hour is an important observance

ABU DHABI: The act of turning off lights for one hour across the globe sends a powerful message of energy conservation every year, and this year too, the U.A.E. participated with enthusiasm in the Earth Hour, observed on March 29, said Gulf News in its editorial today.

While this simple act alone can save staggering amounts of electricity across the world, there is another obvious conclusion to be drawn here. While ritualising Earth Hour is a good thing, it acts as a reminder of the importance of conservation, it is also important to ensure that the observance of this hour creates an awareness that goes beyond its 60 minutes.

“The rest of the 8,759 hours of the year must act as companions in spirit and deed to this singular point of time.”, added the paper The importance of the everyday observance of energy-conserving acts has been so diligently chronicled by environmentalists, it is hard to not be instinctively aware of it in our individual lifestyles, switching off lights when not in use, saying no to plastic, recycling materials, conserving water and many such everyday measures are no longer trivial pursuits.

“They are the details which drive the health of the planet. The more we live by these details, the more we ensure the future generations inherit a robust future.”, concluded the paper.