EEG’s Can Collection Campaign brings together more than 200 people from across the country

Dubai, 26th February, 2015 (WAM) — The Emirates Environmental Group, on Thursday organized and facilitated a nation-wide Can Collection Day. The Day saw the joint efforts of more than 200 entities from across the UAE, from every segment of society government entities, private corporations, academic institutions, individuals and families. The Day acts as the flagship programme to the Can Collection Campaign for the year 2015. The Can Collection Day saw a total collection of 5030 kg of Aluminum Cans, and with an aim of 27,000 kg for 2015 EEG encourages the citizens of the UAE to keep recycling their Aluminum Cans with EEG till the end of the year.

Mrs. Habiba Al Marashi, Chairperson of the Emirates Environmental Group, explained how the target of 27,000 kg of Aluminum Cans will be a breakthrough for the UAE in terms community based Recycling Programmes. With the end of the Can Collection Day, EEG has been able to recycle 5586 kg of Aluminum Cans which is 19% of the target set for the year 2015. It is time for the UAE to roll up their sleeves and aim for the target 27,000 kg. The Day alone saw mitigations of 76 MTCO2 emissions and saved 122 cubic meters of landfill space.

She further emphasized that Aluminum Cans are special materials which can be recycled infinitely, consuming quarter the amount of energy as per research evidence and releasing a minute amount of greenhouse gases as compared to making new Aluminum Cans from raw material. The Can Collection Day also acts as a symbol of unity amongst the UAE citizens regardless of race, sex or standing making a joint effort to preserve and protect our environment.

In addition to the collection of aluminum cans, EEG also facilitates other waste management programs that promote the collection of paper, glass, toners, plastic, mobile phones, beverage cartons, and batteries, in order to mainstream the recycling industry and underline its importance throughout the nation. Protecting and preserving the natural resources in the UAE is vital and can be done through these types of campaigns. They appeal to people of all backgrounds and all ages. The support was commended and the Chairperson of EEG called for the continuance of more support to reach the set target and the overall objective of zero waste in landfills.

This campaign saw the commitment and cooperation of not only the community, but also all the relevant government bodies and corporate sponsors.