Emirati science graduates showcase innovative automatic firing stand prototype during IDEX 2015

by Rasha Abu Baker ABU DHABI, 26th February, 2015 (WAM) –Three Emirati science graduates from the United Arab Emirates University, UAEU, today showcased an innovative device at the International Defence Exhibition, IDEX 2015, which they said weapon manufacturers can use to increase the safety and efficiency of the process of quality control.

Mohammed Dad Al Bloushi, Ibrahim Omar Al Abdouli, and Saleh Salem Al Marri developed the Automatic Firing Stand, AFS, a project sponsored by Tawazun Holding group and Caracal International, the region’s leading manufacturer of firearms, and is used to perform endurance tests on Caracal manufactured pistols, eliminating the need for human contact.

One of the graduates, Mohammed Dad Al Bloushi, Development and Design Engineer, said that long-term exposure to pistol testing can have negative impacts on the shooter in the long-run, and that the AFS addresses this issue.

“When Caracal manufactures a certain batch of pistols, samples are tested to the limit. So what happens is that around 10,000 bullets per pistol are fired, which is time consuming, and requires a lot of physical input from the shooter himself which can eventually affect the shooter’s health,” he explained. “This device does all the job of a shooter,” he added.

Al Bloushi also said that AFS can be used by gun manufacturing companies as part of their endurance tests on weapons, and can even be enhanced with sensors and other aanced simulation software.

“This device allows you to collect data analysis of the pistol without the need of having personnel. This is important especially if you are testing a new weapon,” he said.

Being at IDEX 2015, the graduate students hope to attract interest and also use the exhibition to demonstrate Emirati talent which they consider their main achievement.

“Our main goal is that we want to prove that as nationals, we can create something like this. We hope to put ourselves on the map and demonstrate that with the support of our government and local companies, Emiratis have the ability to produce lot of successful products that are homegrown and developed,” Al Bloushi concluded.