Emirati women entrepreneurs hailed at “Arab Women in Global Economy” forum in London

DUBAI: The 3rd “Arab Women in the Global Economy” forum, held in London, saw strong Emirati participation, with participants recognising the role of UAE businesswomen as entrepreneurs.

Organisers of the event hailed the participation of women from the Gulf region as an opportunity to exchange views and meet a number of professional women who have become role models in economy, politics, education, culture, art, sports, health, fashion and other sectors.

“We acknowledge the importance of such forums in activating the role of women in society and economy. The active engagement of Emirati woman was widely welcomed, which is a matter of great pride for us who were present there,” said Nazek Al Sabbagh, a leading UAE businesswoman and founder of the UAE fashion brand “Zari O Breesam”.

“Emirati businesswomen s success at the international level stems from the UAE leaders confidence in their abilities and their encouragement to join diverse sectors and domains. We are grateful to the UAE leadership for its valuable support and I hope to be always able to live up to their expectations,” Al Sabbagh added.

“Following our visits to several international events, we felt that the role of women in the Gulf and the UAE in particular is getting wider attention,” Al Sabbagh added.

The event was held to discuss women’s diverse roles and success stories. It was attended by London’s Deputy Mayor for Education & Culture, Munira Mirza, and members of the diplomatic corps and a number of prominent figures from government agencies, non-governmental organizations and civil society in addition to academics and delegates from economic, business, and management sectors as well as owners of projects and heads of boards and directors of major international companies.