ERC deliver assistance to over 600,000 Yemenis 1st add

As for the sanitary sewer system, the report indicated that the ERC is spending AED6 million to qualify the network in Aden. Another AED4.5 million has been earmarked to purchase trucks, 600 waste collection containers and 16 garbage trucks.
With regard to the health sector, the report said the ERC team would spend AED35 million to rebuild and rehabilitate the Al Joumhouria Hospital and its Dialysis Centre as well as the Khalifa bin Zayed Hospital and Basuhaib Hospital. Three centres for reproductive health will also be rehabilitated, equipped and furnished at AED4 million. AED7 million was allocated for maintaining nine other centres for healthcare in addition to another AED2 million for maintaining medical warehouses and health centres in Khormaksar.
The total budget for health projects in Aden was estimated at AED48.5 million.
Additionally, AED4 were allocated to purchase medicines for cancer and kidney patients, and AED5 million to purchase ambulances and medicine transportation trucks. Health assistance in Aden stood at AED9 million, the report indicated.
The Restore Hope Hospital was recently rehabilitated by the ERC in the Directorate of Ramah. The project is of special importance as it lies in the midst of the desert directorates and on the international highway that links Yemen with the GCC countries.
The report added that the ERC is also working to repair the Corniche in Aden at a cost of AED4 million and eight gardens at a cost of AED16 million.
Socially, the ERC has organised three entertainment festival for children and families at a total cost of AED45,000, and AED15,000 each.
Social assistance programmes in Aden which include AED150,000 for sacrificial meat, AED40,000 for Eid clothing, and AED40,000 for Eid clothing to special needy persons, totalled AED275,000.
Trade and economic projects being implemented by the ERC for the benefit of families of martyrs in Aden stood at AED74,000.