Etisalat’s Flous now available to subscribers in Gabon

ABU DHABI: Etisalat Group has announced the launch of its mobile phone-based commerce service Flous (money) in Gabon, marking the latest milestone in its endeavour to provide market-relevant, transformational mobile financial services across global markets.

“This launch represents our most recent innovation, pushing the boundaries of mobile communications by bringing banking services to those without accounts in many of our global markets,” said Khalifa Al Shamsi, Chief Digital Services Officer at Etisalat Group. “For any market in the world, the combination of services we are providing would be exciting, when this is in the African context, the implications are especially profound.”

“The launch of Flous in Gabon marks the latest milestone in our endeavour to provide market-relevant, transforming mobile financial services across our global markets,” he said. “Flous is a solution that enables customers to use their mobile phones as digital wallets. With Flous, customers can pay for bills, goods and services, transfer money to and receive it from friends and family, withdraw and deposit cash, top-up mobile phones, and manage their bank accounts.”

The service is offered in partnership with Orabank in Gabon. Etisalat and Orabank are expecting to further enrich consumer experience with the development of the Flous ecosystem, enrolling more merchants and agents to support the service.

Mamoudou Kane, Managing Director of Orabank Gabon, said, “The partnership with Etisalat in Gabon delivers a world-class mobile financial service to the Gabonese population. By redesigning the relationship between financial institutions and customers, we will provide banking services to all communities in the country and raise the levels of financial participation.”