FANR invites public to comment on draft regulation on operational safety including commissioning

ABU DHABI: The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, FANR, the country’s independent nuclear regulatory body, has invited the public to review and comment on its draft regulation on operational safety including commissioning (FANR-REG-16).

This regulation establishes the requirements for the commissioning and operation of a nuclear facility. It covers commissioning and operation up to the removal of nuclear fuel from the nuclear facility including testing, inspection, maintenance and modifications made throughout the lifetime of the nuclear facility. It also covers the preparations required for the decommissioning of the nuclear facility. The draft regulation is available on the FANR website.

Members of the public can send their comments to regulation from now until 26th July. As with previous regulations and regulatory guides, the draft regulation has already been made available for 30 days to local and federal government entities for their comments.

FANR has said that it recognises the importance of the public’s comments and maintains the highest standards of transparency in accordance with Article 09 of the Federal Law Decree No. 06 of 2009, “Concerning the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy”.

Since FANR’s establishment on 24th September 2009, the nuclear regulator has asked its stakeholders to review and comment on various regulations and regulatory guides through either web-based or face-to-face communication.