FCA signs MoU with Ministry of Public Works to activate joint cooperation in various areas

ABU DHABI: The Federal Customs Authority (FCA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Public Works in order to activate their joint cooperation in the field of organizational excellence, planning, policy making, strategies, joint economic and customs studies and legislations, statistics and information exchange, joint activities, training programmes and events organisation.

Zahra Al Aboudi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Acting Director General of FCA signed the MoU.

“The FCA is keen to strengthen its relations with the strategic partners at the federal and local levels, in order to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership in the customs sector within the UAE Vision 2021, upgrade the services to the highest international standards, and achieve the strategic objectives of the FCA, i.e. protecting the security of the society, facilitating trade and enhancing the cooperation with the other countries,” said Mr. Al Bustani, The MoU aims at the two parties benefiting from each other’s potentials and permanent quest to achieve the best, in line with the legislative, scientific, research and customs policy of the state, he said, adding that this will also contribute to achieving sustainable development and community security, as well as realizing the desire of both parties in assuming a leading research and scientific position at the local and global levels.

The MoU also aims at developing joint cooperation mechanisms to reduce fraud in the materials that are supplied to the Ministry through the suppliers, sub-contractors and contracting companies, in line with the terms of reference of the FCA in coordination with the concerned authorities within the limits of the available potentials.

Acting Director General FCA said: “We are honored to be working with the Ministry of Public Works, which has an outstanding record in terms of the application of the best practices in the field of organizational excellence and training, and we are confident that this MOU will significantly contribute in improving the performance level and enhancing the employees’ skills in terms of upgrading the services provided to the public customers, which contribute in turn to the achievement of a qualitative shift in the field of services provision using the latest electronic means”.

The two parties have decided to cooperate in organizing joint events, such as seminars, conferences, forums, workshops and training courses, benefiting from the expertise in the field of organizational excellence, strategic planning, dealing with the partners and increasing their satisfaction, in addition to benefiting from the expertise in the field of change management and corporate governance, and the knowledge exchange about the electronic systems used in the excellence projects and Information Technology projects.

For its part, Zahra Al Aboudi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Public Works, noted the high importance of this type of agreements in strengthening the relations, exchanging experiences and learning from the successful experiences between the federal authorities and entities for the benefit of the United Arab Emirates. “The MoU comes as a result of the UAE strategy and directions of our wise leadership to combine all the efforts in order to build a sustainable development future for the state.” Al Aboudi also emphasised that combining the efforts through the experiences and information exchange constitutes an integral part of the development process as well as of the knowledge-based economy building. It also supports innovation, contributes to the development of infrastructure, increases the social welfare rates and provides sustainable development through the development of mechanisms and projects based on clear scientific basis.

She added that the Ministry of Public Works in the United Arab Emirates undertakes to provide high quality infrastructure in line with the highest international standards to ensure and support the UAE growth rates, in addition to building roads in accordance with the best quality as per the global empowerment report, which is considered among the standards of the flow of goods across the borders rates. “In fact, the customs sector is considered one of the most important sectors supporting the overall economic growth, as our nation has witnessed a growing customs movement that reflects the effectiveness of our air and sea ports to support the international trade movement in terms of laws and provision of appropriate infrastructure and healthy work environment.”

The MoU has identified a set of procedures to achieve its desired objectives, which include holding regular meetings between the representatives of the two parties in order to follow up on the implementation of programs and activities agreed upon and periodically self-evaluate the cooperation, it also includes preparing the relevant reports to be exchanged between the two parties in order to upgrade their cooperation.