Flights operation resumed at Abu Dhabi International Airport: Official Statement

ABU DHABI: Abu Dhabi Airports has announced that flight operations have now resumed at Abu Dhabi International Airport after closure of the runway from 07:50 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. this morning due to heavy fog which reduced visibility levels to below 75 meters, the minimum benchmark required for operations.

The company in its fresh statement has said that flight departures resumed when the runway reopened shortly after 08:50 a.m. once visibility improved above the minimum required levels. However, flight delays are anticipated for the rest of the day.

Abu Dhabi Airports is working closely with Etihad Airways, other airlines and stakeholders at Abu Dhabi international Airport to minimise delays to its customers, it added.

Passengers have been advised to contact the Etihad Airways Contact Centre on +971 (0) 2599. They are also advised to contact the respective airlines for updated information on their flights.

Passengers travelling on Etihad Airways are advised to call their Contact Centre on +971 (0) 2599 0000 or visit the Etihad Airways website for more information on the status of flights in and out of Abu Dhabi International Airport.