GBI’s network extends to U.A.E-based datamena

DUBAI: GBI, owner and operator of a major subsea cable network in the Middle East, has forged a partnership with datamena, carrier neutral data centre and connectivity platform based in U.A.E., that will extend GBI’s network from the du’s landing station in Fujairah to the datamena data-centre in Dubai.

GBI says the partnership will allow it to join the datamena’s rapidly growing ecosystem of over 50 customers, who interconnect through the U.A.E.-based neutral platform, provided in alliance with Equinix.

The extension of the GBI network will enable all datamena customers to benefit from seamless end-to-end connectivity within the GBI network in Europe, Asia the Middle East and Africa, and will further enhance their datamena experience. The collaboration is between GBI, providers of carrier neutral network connecting the region to the world, and datamena, serving the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

Speaking on the occasion of the partnership, Amr Eid, Chief Commercial Officer GBI, said, “Partnering with datamena creates a win-win situation for all stakeholders, for our customers and for the datamena ecosystem. We are proud to combine our connectivity solutions with a recognized platform such as datamena in a way that will complement and add value to our extended portfolio of services.”

Mahesh Jaishankar, Vice President – datamena and Broadcast, said, “This partnership complements the large number of submarine and terrestrial cables available through the datamena platform and brings additional value to our customers and to GBI’s customers.” GBI’s global network connects the Middle East to Singapore towards the East and Egypt on the West, using two alternative terrestrial routes to protect traffic, crossing the Mediterranean to Italy and other major European cities