Hazza bin Zayed Stadium celebrates its one year Anniversary

AL AIN: Hazza bin Zayed Stadium has announced an array of activities, which will be organised in conjunction with its first year anniversary celebrations, to take place from 15th-24th January, 2015.

Among the several activities, the stadium will host friendly matches to attract different audiences to participate in the inaugural celebration of the state of the art facility in the city of Al Ain.

For the second year in a row, the stadium will host a family festival which has become an annual tradition and has succeeded in attracting more than 15,000 thousand visitors only in its first year of operation.

The festival will run for three days from 22nd-24th January, 2015 from 17:00hrs until 22:00hrs and will include Arabic and English live entertainment and other on stage performances. Additionally, a large area will be dedicated to sports and educational games that will be interactive and designed for different age groups of children, youth and adults. The festival hopes to highlight a healthy lifestyle and its importance to the community.

The Stadium will also host three friendly matches that will include its own home team, Al Ain Football Club, and several European Clubs such as Manchester City, last season’s Premier League champions, Eintracht Frankfurt and Hamburg SV the German Bundesliga leading clubs. Football Fans will enjoy observing the finest skills of these world renowned teams from 15th-21st January, 2015. It is a great opportunity for families and visitors of Al Ain to enjoy high-level football matches in a festive atmosphere held at the stadium and its surrounding area.

Kareem Nagy Hassan, CEO of Al Ain Club Investment Company said, “In a short period of time, Hazza bin Zayed Stadium became the focus of regional and international attention as a sports monument able to provide a platform to host world renowned teams and to combine events inside and outside of the stadium.

The Stadium has seen a record breaking attendance during its first year of operation reaching a quarter of a million visitors and sports lovers through a variety of events that emphasise on its ongoing success into becoming one of Abu Dhabi and UAE’s landmarks.” As a part of the festival activities there will be a photography and an interactive gaming competition. The audience will be invited to participate by taking photos of the stadium and uploading them onto social network platforms; the interactive PlayStation gaming competition will consist of challenging participants against each other with qualifying, semi-finals and final matches; top three winners will receive cash prizes.

The entertainment and sporting events will also include a Charity Walk around the Stadium held on 24 January 2015 to establish a fun, family, active and healthy atmosphere attracting participants of all ages and shading the light on the importance of sports alongside supporting charity foundations by raising funds through sports and community interaction events.

Since its opening, Hazza bin Zayed Stadium continues to be the main attraction, not only for football fans but for the local community, families and visitors offering a unique and sophisticated experience. Additionally, offering dedicated seating, parking and gates allocated for spectators with special needs as well as exclusive gates and areas dedicated to ladies and families and the capability to host events locally, regionally and globally.