IDB and the European Union discuss coordinating relief efforts in Palestine, Somalia and Syria

JEDDAH: Chairman of the Islamic Development Bank, IDB Group, Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali has said that improving living conditions in Gaza, Somalia as well as providing relief to Syrian refugees top the priorities of cooperation between the IDB and the European Union.

This came during a visit of Marcus Cornaro, the Deputy Director-General of the Directorate General for Development and Cooperation of the European Commission, to the Islamic Development Bank Group headquarters in Jeddah.

Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali also welcomed cooperation between the two sides to provide further assistance to the IDB least developed member countries mainly suffering from instability.

The two sides agreed on the need for joint action to provide assistance to nearly two million residents in the Gaza strip, enabling them to secure their basic rights for a decent life, especially the chance to access water and electricity.

Mr. Cornaro appreciated the support provided by IDB offering relief and shelter to Somali refugees as well as displaced Syrians. He underlined that the purpose of the visit was to consult with IDB officials on the priorities of development cooperation with the EU, taking into account the important role IDB has played in supporting development in its member countries.