Jordan reiterates support for Palestinians

NEW YORK: Jordan’s envoy to the UN, Dina Kawar has stressed that the Kingdom was and would remain at the forefront of global efforts to defend the rights of Palestinians.

“We in Jordan will continue to support the Palestinians in all their efforts, the fact that this resolution did not pass, does not mean we will be stopping, there will be other efforts and we will continue to support them,” she said after the UN Security Council vote, adding, “This time for us the importance of this resolution has been to put some momentum and dynamics in the Security Council, and we feel that this momentum is very successful and we will continue.”

According to Petra news agency, Kawar explained that Jordan had submitted the draft resolution on behalf of the Arab Group, based on the belief that the council must act on legitimate Palestinian aspirations in accordance with its resolutions. “The fact that the resolution was not adopted will not stop Jordan from working to arrange negotiations within a reasonable timeframe and resolve all outstanding issues in line with Jordanian interests.” The status quo cannot continue; all efforts to achieve a just and lasting solution must be made until there is a viable Palestinian State, Kawar stressed.

Jordan had requested the vote following a meeting of Arab ambassadors to discuss the draft resolution, which set a 12-month deadline to broker a final peace agreement with Israel.