Khalifa Fund and Chalhoub Group organise a training course

DUBAI: Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, in collaboration with Chalhoub Investment Group, has organised a training course about the retail and methods of developing and managing them in United Arab Emirates.

The session was attended by 45 entrepreneurs who are supported by Khalifa Fund, they listened to lectures given by specialist from Chalhoub Investment Group included how to get started in the establishment of projects in the retail sector and what are the skills that must be an obtained by the project owner to ensure continuity in the market and achieve the desired success.

According to experts from the investment Chalhoub Group, the UAE accounts for a large share of the retail sector in the Gulf region, which encourages engaging in this kind of private investment and the risk of these investments, will be limited compared to other types of private investments.

Session also included two case studies of the two branches of the retail trade of the Chalhoub Group where they highlight the effective management methods, including accounting and marketing activities, views, and other activities that affect the success of the project.