Khalifa Student Empowerment Programme and NMC organise joint workshop

DUBAI: The Khalifa Student Empowerment Programme, Aqdar, and the National Media Council, NMC, have organised a joint workshop at the Dubai Police Officers Club, which enjoyed the participation of representatives from the national media and a number of Twitter users.

Speaking on the occasion, Colonel Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Al Dabal, General Coordinator of the Aqdar Programme, highlighted the importance of the workshop in supporting the Khalifa Programme’s goals to achieve leadership through the development of national student generations who are proud of their country and of whom their country is proud.

Dr. Al Dabal said that the Programme’s strategy was set up through a National Task Force comprising 17 Federal Ministries and entities which conduct awareness programmes, bearing in mind the need for it to be commensurate with Federal Government strategy, U.A.E. Vision 2021 and Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.

During the workshop, Ibrahim Al Abed, NMC Director-General, commended the national capabilities and potential of the Khalifa Programme, and its excellent message in giving due care to young people and future generations.

Mr. Al Abed highlighted the keenness of the National Media Council in sharing the Programme’s objectives and values which he said are an integral part of media commitment and responsibility towards the community.