Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker: Relations with UAE exemplary, Mohamed bin Zayed occupies a special place in the hearts of all Kuwaitis

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti-UAE relations are historical and firmly interlocking both politically and socially and have set an example for others to follow, said Speaker of Kuwait’s National Assembly, Marzouq Ali Al Ghanim, in a press statement on Thursday.

“No one in Kuwait or the UAE needs ocular proof to realise the extent of relations between the two countries which go back deep in history,” said the Al Ghanim in the statement carried by Kuwait’s news agency KUNA, adding that the offensive criticism, in a TV show, of Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, is categorically rejected and totally unacceptable.” He stressed that the National Assembly took all the necessary legal steps regarding this incident on the TV show the very day after it was aired.

He strongly emphasised that neither himself, as the speaker of the National Assembly, nor any other Kuwaiti would accept or tolerate any damaging criticism of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan who occupies a special place in the hearts of all Kuwaitis.

The speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly added that that His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed is an exalted personage, not only for the UAE, but also for Kuwait, the Gulf region and all other Arab countries. He stressed that the UAE and H.H. Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s honourable backing of Kuwait during the dark days of the Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.” Al Ghanim further emphasised that “No one can embarrass us in our relations with our brothers in the UAE because we Kuwaitis and Emiratis are two peas in a pod and no one can separate us.” Concluding his statement, Al Ghanim said that he “understood the feeling of unease on the part of Emiratis following statements in the TV show.” He stressed that for the past two days, Kuwaitis have expressed their rejection of the offensive statements.