Labour Cancellation Services limited to Tasheel centres in Abu Dhabi from April 6

ABU DHABI: The Ministry of Labour has decided to grant Tasheel service centres in Abu Dhabi complete exclusivity in providing cancellation services starting April 6th within the framework of implementing the second phase of the ministry’s plan to withdraw services gradually from typing centres and restricting this service to the seven available Tasheel centres in the city.

Humaid bin Deemas Al Suwaidi , Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Labour for Labour Affairs, commented, “Restricting cancelation services, which vary between 18 types, to Tasheel service centres came after the ministry’s in-depth research as well as the guidance of Saqr Ghobash, the Minister of Labour, which led us to determine the performance of Tasheel service centres by testing them during the first phase. The first phase was limited to issuing, renewing and modifying all data related to labour cards, then after reviewing and evaluating the customer satisfaction indicators, which was recorded at 87.4 percent, the ministry decided to implement the second phase.” He pointed out that the ministry has adopted, within its customer satisfaction questionnaire, a measure of evaluation similar to that in Sheikh Khalifa’s Government Excellence Award, in terms of the mechanisms used to calculate the points of each answer within the questionnaire. “Six types of questions were asked to determine their satisfaction rate in terms of service, beginning with the time spent to complete the service, staff efficiency, providing a clear list of requirements, service delivery, inquiry knowledge and finally staff behaviour and treatment of customers,” bin Deemas said.

“Customer satisfaction is a key indicator to determine the quality of services provided, especially as the client is the focus of these services and therefore the ministry is keen on recording customer satisfaction to develop services to meet the their aspirations.” Bin Deemas confirmed the ministry’s commitment towards providing support to all service centres to facilitate processes so as to contribute to the achievement of its goals in terms of the provision of services in according to ministry’s standards and enhance the employability of national human resources at the centres.

Khalil Khouri, Director of Tasheel service centres in Abu Dhabi said that implementing the cancelation process by their centres, starting April 6th, will include all cancelations such as cancelling labour cards in general or cancelation because of contagious diseases, death, or by staying outside the country for more than six months in addition to the cancellation of establishment cards etc..

“All our staff members are ready to offer this upcoming cancelation service, as our 180 national employees have been well trained to adapt to the new mechanisms of completing cancelation transactions with ease and speed to meet customer satisfaction levels,” Khouri said.

There are seven Tasheel centers in Abu Dhabi, Muamalat Centre on Sheikh Zayed 1st Road, Enjazat Services in the Mussafah Industrial Area, Joud Public Services Centre on Mussafah Street, Creative Centre on Al-Muroor Street, Infiniti Service Centre in Marina Mall, Union International Typing Centre in Al Zahya (Tourist Club) area and the Irada Service Centre located on Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al-Maktoum Street.