Libya needs global help to stop Daesh – The National

ABU DHABI, 18th February, 2015 (WAM) — Commenting editorially on the recent beheading of detainees by Daesh, the Abu Dhabi-based English daily, The National, said that for all the slickness of the videos produced by Daesh militants, the strategy behind their public relations has often been foolish.

“Even from the warped perspective of the group, it was a profound mistake to kill the Jordanian fighter pilot Maaz Al Kassasbeh in the brutal way they did,” it said, adding, “Instead of provoking fear from those Arab and western nations in the coalition against the group, it redoubled their conviction” .

Jordan immediately sent its fighter jets into the battle – with Jordanian public opinion firmly behind the military – and the UAE, earlier this week, continued its efforts, sending sophisticated F-16s to destroy oil refineries controlled by the group.

“The same result was provoked by the mass beheading of Egyptian Christians in Libya by a group apparently affiliated with Daesh. The response from Egypt was immediate. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi ordered air strikes on Derna in Libya. If these ISIL-linked militants expected to frighten those who ranged against them, they have made a profound mistake,” it said.

The daily noted that the situation in Libya needs cooperation at the highest level. It is far too complex to be resolved simply by air strikes and by Egypt alone.

The daily concluded its comment by saying, “The struggle for Libya, then, is not for Libyans or Egyptians alone. It will take coordination from the highest level – in particular, as Mr. El Sisi said yesterday, from the United Nations – and help from the Gulf states with the United States and Europe. But it is essential if Libya is to avoid the fate of Syria and Iraq.”