Makkah Declaration calls on international community to join forces with the Islamic World to counter terrorism

Makkah, 25th February, 2015 (WAM) — A counter-terrorism conference in Saudi Arabia has called on the international community to join forces with the Islamic world to counter terrorism and for establishing an Islamic Court of Justice and draining sources that finance terrorism.

Organised by the World Muslim League (WML) in Makkah, the Islam and Counter Terrorism conference, in its ”Makkah Declaration,” urged the Muslim leaders to implement the Sharia law and introduce sweeping reforms that ensure justice, preserve human dignity, safeguard human rights, maintain and strengthen unity and solidarity of the Islamic world, secure a decent living for Muslims, uphold wise governance, and foil schemes aimed at dividing the Islamic Ummah into sectarian, religious and ethnic sects.

The Declaration, issued at the end of the two-day conference, also called on scholars to promote and protect the Islamic identity and righteous teachings of Islam, educate Muslims about their faith to be good citizens and correct any misconceptions and misunderstandings about Islam.

Addressing a message to the media, the Declaration urged media organs to work towards enhancing religious and national unity in Muslim communities, instilling noble, Islamic values and ethics and refuting calls for sectarian sedition. It also called upon the media not to promote misguided ideologies, refrain from relaying the propaganda of terrorism and stand against attempts to distort Islam.

The Declaration also urged young Muslims to adhere to the Islamic teachings and stay away from sources of sedition, divergence, radicalism, fanaticism and terrorism.

”Extremism is a world phenomenon that is not connected to any religion or country. Accusing Islam of extremism is unfounded and it is a notion refuted by the Quran which prohibits injustice, whatever form it takes. Combating terrorism and religious extremism should not be undertaken through conflict with Islam and promotion of Islamophobia. Rather it should come through cooperation with the Islamic world, Muslim scholars and institutions,” the Declaration said.