Masdar Institute signs collaboration agreement with ENGSL Minerals

ABU DHABI: Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, and the UAE-based Engineering Solutions, ENGSL, Minerals, leaders in engineering technologies solutions, today announced the signing of a collaboration agreement to work closely on testing and evaluating energy-efficient technologies for carbon dioxide capture and conversion.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Fred Moavenzadeh, President, Masdar Institute, and Badri Ghais, Chairman ESL FZC, parent company of ENGSL. The ceremony at the Masdar Institute campus was attended by Hamza Kazim, Vice-President, Operations and Finance, Dr. Steven Griffiths, Executive Director, Institute Initiatives, Dr. Mohammad Abu Zahra, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, Masdar Institute and Olfi Mohammed, Managing Director, ENGSL.

According to the agreement, the 30-month project will test and evaluate the possible application of fly ash and modified fly ash for the capture and utilisation of CO2 from flue gas. For the UAE and the GCC region, this technology could be an alternative to the conventional CO2 capture technologies with the option to utilise part of the CO2 for enhanced oil recovery purposes.

In addition, the integration between this technology and desalination plants is feasible through the use of reject brine, which will be further developed and investigated by this project. The economic feasibility of this technological route for CO2 capture and utilisation will be carried out according to the agreement.

Dr. Moavenzadeh said, “The agreement with ENGSL Minerals reflects our commitment to focus our research on innovation in areas relevant to the UAE and the region, especially in the energy sector. We are grateful for the support of the country’s leadership that has encouraged us in all our research activities, especially those that aim to achieve sustainable solutions. We believe this agreement will pave the way for achieving energy-efficient technologies.” Badri Ghais said, “The agreement with Masdar Institute bears testimony to our credentials as a company that has patented technologies in the carbon capture area. This will pave the way for ESL to seek more sustainable solutions through working with our partners. We hope the project with the research-based institution will help achieve more efficient technologies that will benefit the wider global community.”