Meetings, negotiations essential in solving pending issues – Al-Jarallah

KUWAIT: Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Khaled Suleiman Al-Jarallah said Friday that Kuwait’s 25th Arab Summit is taking place amidst sensitive circumstances that require holding meetings and negotiations on key issues, like the Syrian and Palestinian crises.

This remark was made by the Undersecretary in the opening of a public session of the meeting of permanent representatives to the Arab League and senior officials in the Foreign Ministries to prepare the agenda for the Foreign Ministers’ meeting, which would be held ahead of next week’s 25th Arab summit, according to KUNA.

He pointed out that it was important to see decisions and recommendations made, during this summit, that aim at solving all of the pending Arab problems.

Al-Jarallah expressed hope that the Summit would result in boosting joint Arab action that would lead to achieving the desired solidarity and unity in the Arab World.