MICAD calls for rallying international efforts to provide food for displaced Syrians

ABU DHABI: The Ministry of International Cooperation and Development (MICAD) has warned that the international community should not underestimate the suffering of Syrian refugees, particularly noting the need of contributing to their food supplies for the winter.

The Ministry said that despite Syria being a country that is self-sufficient in food, the current situation represents a significant challenge to its food security, where food production levels have been affected due to the ongoing conflicts and other factors.

In its report released today, in the wake of a snowstorm that hit the Levant, MICAD underscored the importance of rallying international efforts and cooperation to support the Syrian refugees. The report also said that the lack of food supplies for Syrian refugees has become a major challenge and needs international action to assure food convoys reach those who have been trapped by snow.

The Ministry said the number of displaced Syrians, as of the end of last October, stood at 11 million refugees who are scattered in neighbouring countries, which has resulted in tragic humanitarian conditions.

The report also cited there being more than 1.7 million Syrians suffering from hunger due to the lack of funding, adding that the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) has reported that 2.3 million Syrians have lost their jobs due to the crises.

It added that 9 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq are experiencing dire humanitarian conditions due to the severe winter weather conditions.

The report also pointed out that more than 6.5 million displaced Syrians have fled their homes to seek refuge in more secure areas.