Ministry of Environment and Water releases updated list of banned and restricted pesticides in UAE

ABU DHABI: Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water, has issued a ministerial decree updating the list of banned and restricted pesticides in the UAE.

The list includes 359 types of pesticides that have been evaluated based on European standards and the criteria issued by international organizations as well as methods of their use, degree of severity and toxicity to humans and animals, and harmful impact on the environment.

The Ministerial Decree has classified the pesticides into three categories according to how they are being used. The first category includes prohibited pesticides, while the second comprises restricted pesticides. Lastly, the third category lists down severely restricted pesticides. All three categories include all the pesticides with its various ways of usage in the state.

Engineer Otaiba Al Qayidi, Director of Chemicals and Hazardous Waste Department, Ministry of Environment and Water, said the Ministry will develop legislations, regulations and environmental guidelines. It will implement a registration system for pesticides and their distribution and use in coordination with concerned local authorities as part of its strategic plans to manage and tighten pesticide control to promote environmental sustainability and achieve the national agenda of UAE Vision 2021.

Al Qayidi said the ministerial decree disallows the registration, importation and distribution of prohibited pesticides. The decree also prohibits companies and individuals from trading or using any of the restricted pesticides except under the supervision of a specialized technician or the advice and guidance of an authorized official. This will be done in coordination with relevant authorities in accordance with its terms of reference.

He added that the resolution prevents pesticide registration as well except for institutions or companies authorized to import or distribute any of the restricted pesticides. A company is allowed to register the active ingredients for more than one product as long as it meets the registration requirements.

The resolution states that registered companies and organizations must comply with the specified annual quantity and that the pesticides must be used as determined by the Ministry. They are also required to provide quarterly reports to indicate trade pesticide movement in the state. As for the severely restricted pesticides, the registered companies and organizations are required to provide copies of their contracts with agencies and a statement of how these will be used.

The Ministry of Environment and Water says that it annually updates the list of banned and restricted pesticides in compliance with the provisions of international conventions on pesticides and standards set by global organizations. To ensure the quality of pesticides used in the state, the Ministry carefully evaluates and analyses imported pesticides before releasing them to the market.