Ministry of Environment and Water signs contract for water extraction from humid air

DUBAI, 4th February, 2015 (WAM) — The Ministry of Environment and Water will implement the technology of water extraction from humid air in the development of the agriculture sector and conservation of natural resources.

Saif Mohammed Al-Shara’, Assistant Under-Secretary for Agricultural and Livestock Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Water, and Golden Tsai, CEO of Horien Inc., have signed a contract to this effect at the Ministry’s headquarters in Dubai. The move comes within the Ministry’s framework to use technological innovations and scientific research to harness traditional water sources to address the water needs of the agricultural sector and contribute towards domestic production cycle with an aim to enhance food safety and sustainability.

Al-Shara emphasised that the Ministry is looking to keep pace with aanced technologies and systems to achieve sustainable development and give new dimensions to the agricultural sector. It is also keen to implement innovative concepts in agricultural research to serve the objectives of the ‘Agricultural Innovation Centre’ that was recently opened by the Ministry. The establishment of the centre is in line with the ‘National Innovation Strategy’ relaunched by Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to make the UAE one of the most innovative countries in the world over the next seven years in the seven main sectors, which include water.

Explaining further, Al-Shara said that the Ministry has undertaken a promising experiment of extracting water from humid air in cooperation with Horien. The experiment will not only address the issue of water scarcity but would also pave way for the success of alternative and sustainable solutions that are derived from natural sources. Its positive outcome will benefit the UAE’s agriculture sector by providing water for cultivation.

He added that experiments and research on traditional or modern agricultural technologies will be conducted in accordance with accepted standard and methodologies in order to evaluate the efficiency and suitability of the UAE’s natural conditions. Al-Shara noted that after implementing this technology and demonstrating its effectiveness, training programmes will be designed and integrated into the agricultural production system for farmers.

Al Shara pointed out that the Ministry of Environment and Water is constantly seeking ways to strengthen cooperation with scientific and technical organisations, universities and scientific research centres, and all authorities and institutions. It intends to do so through the exchange of successful experiences and implementation of research and studies, which will contribute towards the development and promotion of the agricultural sector’s ability to meet challenges, such as scarcity of water for cultivable land. For his part, Golden Tsai was delighted to sign the contract and expressed his willingness for future cooperation in other areas.

The Agricultural Innovation Centre, which opened in December 2014, aims to attract and adopt innovative agricultural techniques to promote agricultural development. The centre also works to forge strategic partnerships with private sector organisations, having technical knowledge in areas such as the implementation of the plans and programmes of scientific twinning and partnership in international centers, and the use of bodies, international organisations and experts in this field. This is designed to aance the development of systems that contributes to increased agricultural productivity and conservation of natural resources.