Ministry of FNCA organizes lectures in Zayed University to promote political participation culture

ABU DHABI: The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs organized two lectures in Zayed University under the title “Political participation culture”, delivered by Dr. Saeed Mohammed Al Ghafli, Assistant Undersecretary for Federal National Council Affairs in the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs.

“The wise leadership of the UAE continues to sincerely work towards taking forward the country’s political development process in order to promote the goal of empowerment and increase political awareness in the community,” said Dr. Maitha bint Salem Al Shamsi, Minister of State and President of Zayed University.

Dr. Maitha pointed out that the leadership is keen to invest in improving the capabilities of the citizens by developing key sectors such as education, health, housing and social experiences, thereby enabling them to contribute effectively towards the community.

“We support the ongoing efforts to enhance political awareness among college students and increase their communication with the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs to strengthen their role in political participation as well as get them actively involved in the national decision-making process,” Dr. Maitha added.

During the lectures, Dr. Saeed Mohammed Al Ghafli explained that political participation varies from one community to another as a result of social development and the future outlook of the community. Dr. Al Ghafli also stressed the importance of political participation based on interaction and constructive cooperation between citizens and the government.

“Political development must balance the expectations and aspirations of the citizens and the values of the society and the nation,” said Dr. Al Ghafli, and added: “Political participation supports the government through constructive opinions, and empowers the citizens to take up decision making responsibility and contribute to development of the society.” The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs is working on implementing the initiatives to promote a culture of political participation among all segments of the society through various activities such as lectures, workshops, awareness bulletins, political participation’ magazine, as well as electronic initiatives like the electronic empowerment bulletins and interactive website.