Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces 277 graduates in 2014

ABU DHABI, 8th February, 2015 (WAM) — The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has announced that 277 scholars graduated in 2014. The Ministry sent them to study in 17 Arab and foreign countries, in thirteen majors represented by medical sciences, genetics, engineering, finance and banking, management sciences, computer science, education, science, political science, tourism and hospitality, Sharia and law, the media, and environmental sciences. 80.5 percent of them received a Bachelor’s Degree, 14.8 percent a Master’s Degree, 3.9 percent a Doctorate, 0.36 percent a Fellowship Degree, and 0.36 percent received the Board.

1,938 students graduated during the period 2006-2013 and received different degrees in various disciplines required by the UAE labour market. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, affirmed that the Ministry is focusing its strategy on qualitative and not quantitative scholarships, which is based on studies that take into account the requirements and needs of the various sectors in the developmental stages to come, and the special circumstances of the scholars and academic standards. The number of scholarships awarded during 2006-2014 amounted to 5314 for different Degrees.

Applications for scholarships for the year 2015-2016 will be received in April. The Ministry has established a national database for its Smart Scholarship Portal, which is an integrated and comprehensive system available for use by all students applying for scholarships, students on scholarships, Cultural Attaches, academic counselors, parents of students, and scholarship authorities.

The portal includes more than 33 services needed by the student, parent, or the scholarship authority, and it includes academic, administrative, financial and other services. The national database for scholarships was also established, which is an umbrella that provides integrated information about Emirati students on scholarships abroad. The database contains, in addition to all the information related to students, more than 20 fixed analytical reports to enable relevant decision-makers to draw their policies and their future plans based on accurate information, and this system enables the user to build the analysis he needs according to his requirements.